Why all the noise in my head?


That’s what we are slowly becoming, if we are not already. Wading aimlessly through life, complaining, tired and exhausted yet stay in the same state day in day out. Not being able to do the things we really want to do or be the person we want to be. Being mindful is nothing but a wake up call to us all, what are we doing, why are we doing it, where are we doing it, what’s the purpose of this? We could answer this questions in a number of ways but it boils down to the same thing, we get tired from doing these things and feel like giving up or well, just do it because. There’s a lot going on between these everyday events, so much so that it could literally change your life and your views. Your brain receives millions of messages from around you every second and processes them with what is relevant to you at that time passively or actively. Mindfulness helps you to tell your brain to search for specific keys and respond to them. How does this help? Stress reduction, improves productivity, increase in health, there are a wide range of benefits. What I will like to focus on are the other little pleasures that come with mindfulness to me. You get to notice the small things in life, you know, the actual thugs that make life worth living, the smell of fresh bread, the smell of fresh fauna after a rainstorm, the position of some sculpture, insects, birds singing, water flowing down the stream, nature! There’s too many to list but these things were put n our lives for a reason. I think they were put there so that we live by the moment, grasping every bit of it and to savor it entirely whilst going on about the seemingly hectic schedules we have. This is what mindfulness does to you and it is freedom!

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